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Hurricane Michael Gets Upgraded To Category 5


BREAKING: Trump Has Been ‘Vindicated’, Mueller DID NOT Find Any “Prosecutable Criminal Activity”


INSIDER VIDEO: Chase Bank Shuts Down “Alt-Right” Accounts


Were Direct Energy (DEW) Weapons Used On Notre-Dame Catholic Cathedral?


Biblical Prophecy: The 2020 Election Is Going To Shock Many People

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Anointing Over This Website & Our Viewers In The Name of Yeshua


Woman “Obsessed With Columbine” Who Shot Herself, Something NOT RIGHT With Official Story …

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BREAKING: Denver-area Schools Closed as Police Hunt For Woman Obsessed With Columbine Shootings


#EATruthRadio Exclusive w/ Students For Life Dir. of Comms.

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Mueller Report Expected To Be RELEASED This Thursday!

Screenshot - 4_15_2019 , 4_56_08 PM paris catholic cathedral burning

The World Looks On In Horror As 800-Year Old Catholic Cathedral Burns

REVIVAL: Unplanned The Movie Stirs Emotions – 94 Abortion Clinic Workers May Quit Their Jobs


UPDATED: Man Has Lit Himself On Fire Right Outside The White House


Muslim Soldier Says She’s Suing The Army For Being Told To Remove Her Hijab


Introducing Eternal Affairs Media To Patreons – Support Needed

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EA Media Curt Bizelli 911 Truth Branded FB Cover Photo

(St. Louis, MO) – January 17, 2018 – Eternal Affairs Media has been publishing truthful articles and videos for over SEVEN years now.


Founded in 2010 by Curtis R Bizelli, he publishes material as it relates to Conspiracies, Conservative Politics and Bible Prophecy as well as Current News & Events. Anything that is truthful and the lamestream media won’t cover, he will cover.


The outlet’s slogan is “the truth powered by The Truth” with Jesus Christ being the Ultimate Truth that runs the website and outlet. He realizes this is NOT a popular stance but insists on fighting against the grain.


Curt wants to get a radio show off the ground however hasn’t been able to find the best fit for a Volunteer Radio Host.

Contact 615-398-CURT or THE1CBIZ on Skype if you’re interested in a position!




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