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EA Media Curt Bizelli 911 Truth Branded FB Cover Photo
Screenshot - 7_19_2019 , 5_08_11 AM kathy zhu miss michigan - miss world contestant trump supporter

BREAKING: Miss Michigan Stripped of Her Title For Supporting President Trump


Youtube Show Host Convicted In Manhattan Federal Court of Sex Trafficking and Child Pornography

FILE PHOTO: Ginsburg participates in taking a new family photo with her fellow justices at the Supreme Court building in Washington

Navy Intelligence: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Replaced With Body Double – Is DEAD


It’s Even Bigger Than Epstein: Could Bill Clinton Be Next?

Screenshot - 7_3_2019 , 12_47_59 AM trey smith nephilim video cover - youtube-com

True Story: How ‘THE FALLEN ONES’ Created The Current Nature Of The Day We Live In


“Look, I Am Coming Soon” – Prophetic Call For Church To Repent In 2019

Internet Eye Face Macro Detail Structure Facebook

Facebook’s New AI Social Credit Score System ‘Makes 1984 Look Like Amateur Hour’


Blood of Jesus Tested in Laboratory – RESULTS Will BLOW Your MIND …


Big Tech, ‘Internet of Things’ & The Gateway to Socialism


Scientific Discovery Aligns With Bible Scripture: Stars Sing To God


Democrat’s Impeachment Move Fails Again


BREAKING: Deemed Dangerous, Epstein Denied Bail


House Democrats’ Abuse of Power: Vote To Hold Barr In Contempt


Film Producers Are Casting For Human Trafficking Movie – Get Details Here


The Internet BUZZ Is Illegal Immigrants Fear Sweeping ICE Raids This Weekend


Former Campaign Staffer Claims Trump “Forcibly Kissed” Her … Here’s The Video


The Truth: The Abortion Lobby Wants To Limit Women’s Choices


2nd Big Fish of The Week: R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Child Sex Charges


BREAKING: Twitter Is Experiencing A Worldwide Outage at Odd Time …


Introducing Eternal Affairs Media To Patreons – Support Needed

“the truth powered by The TRUTH” on

EA Media Curt Bizelli 911 Truth Branded FB Cover Photo

(St. Louis, MO) – January 17, 2018 – Eternal Affairs Media has been publishing truthful articles and videos for over SEVEN years now.


Founded in 2010 by Curtis R Bizelli, he publishes material as it relates to Conspiracies, Conservative Politics and Bible Prophecy as well as Current News & Events. Anything that is truthful and the lamestream media won’t cover, he will cover.


The outlet’s slogan is “the truth powered by The Truth” with Jesus Christ being the Ultimate Truth that runs the website and outlet. He realizes this is NOT a popular stance but insists on fighting against the grain.


Curt wants to get a radio show off the ground however hasn’t been able to find the best fit for a Volunteer Radio Host.

Contact 615-398-CURT or THE1CBIZ on Skype if you’re interested in a position!




    Writers & Contributors

    Radio Show Personality


    WordPress Admin / Asst Publisher

    Social Media Moderators / Admins

    Content Creators

    Brand Ambassadors / Promoters

    AD Sales Agent (25% commissions)



The outlet is officially now on where Creators ask for monthly donations and EA Media needs your support today!




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