We The People Call For The Arrest Of California Officials For Acts Of Sedition


Under threat of possible retaliation by the Trump administration, Gov. Jerry Brown signed landmark “sanctuary state” legislation

Substitute Teacher Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

After her mimicry of recent NFL player protests, the teacher then spoke to students at the public school about her political views

Is It Time For Gun Control In The US? POLL!

Democraps Are Calling For Gun Control! Do You Agree?

Here’s WHY You Shouldn’t Be Anti-Israel (PragerU Video) …


Some of my friends are so Anti Israel it isn’t even funny. I understand there is a global elite hell bent on controlling the world

PROPHETIC: We're Experiencing a Major "Parallel" With Biblical Times

Screenshot - 10_4_2017 , 3_17_43 PM revelation trump end times

Its supernatural with Sid Roth – VIDEO! You have to watch this!

Is President Donald Trump Really A Woman? SHOCKING TRUTH!

Screenshot - 10_3_2017 , 2_00_03 PM shakira trump hellywood celebs trannies

Shocking video below exposes Hellywood Celebrities – Women who are ACTUALLY MEN including Rachel McAdams and Jessica Alba!

Witnesses From Neighboring Hotel Rooms Claim "Multiple Shooters" in Las Vegas

Screenshot - 7_17_2018 , 1_35_30 PM mandalay bay multiple windows 1

The below video is the ONE the lamestream, FAKE NEWS won’t show you! They PRETEND to question the narrative, but they DON’T ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS …