Damning Video Footage From Mandalay Bay Proves Multiple Shooters


In this video a lot is uncovered and NOT ONE BIT OF IT IS BEING DISCUSSED MAINSTREAM!

BEAUTIFUL: The 2nd Amendment Saves John Rich at Active Shooter Situation In Las Vegas


This is a beautiful 2nd amendment story by John Rich of “Big & Rich” who was just on the stage several minutes before

The Horrid Truth About Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Quota


So it would seem that Planned Parenthood management has no interest in providing women with a “choice.”

TRENDING: Las Vegas Police Investigate Active Shooter At Country Music Festival


Las Vegas Police Investigate Active Shooter At Country Music Festival
Local news stations are reporting multiple people

Strong Gorgeous Black Woman Has Message For NFL Protesters


VIDEO – Strong black woman tells it how it is, the straight up TRUTH!

A 44 Year Old Swedish Man Is Behind Every Pop Song You Ever Loved


What if your reality wasn’t reality at all? Did Miley Cyrus write “Wrecking Ball” or Taylor Swift “Red”? The truth is

ICE Arrests Nearly 500 People Over The Last Few Days


Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it arrested 101 people in the Los Angeles area, one of dozens