Looney Leftist College Students Petition To Legalize Abortion After Birth


Students from the George Mason University, have taken action to make a petition to legalize abortion after birth

The “Powerful Ones” Among Us: Truth Behind Pedophilia


Clіntоn’ѕ inner circle includes сhіld trаffісkеrѕ, pedophiles, аnd nоw mеmbеrѕ of a “sex cult,” the rесеnt Pоdеѕtа emails

BREAKING: Gunfire Breaks Out In Downtown St. Louis


This hits too close to home which is why we must report on it. St. Louis is my hometown

We Know What Happens When We Drop Sanctuary Cities, Phoenix Did It


when Phoenix suspended its sanctuary city policies, instead of endangering the citizens, the opposite happened

Twitter Is Trump’s Chosen Way To Bypass Lamestream Media & Tell The Truth

trump on twitter

In previous years, the only way a president could get their message across was through mainstream media, otherwise known as the MSM

Woman Fleeing Abusive Relationship Leaves Behind Dog With Note At Airport


A woman fleeing an abusive relationship had to leave her beloved puppy behind in an airport. However, not before leaving a note