Abortion Clinic Workers Admit To Being Accomplices To Murder Outside The Womb


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Abortion Clinic Workers Admit To Being Accomplices To Murder Outside The Womb


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LifeNews.com reports while speaking of the unsettling murders happening to babies around the world:

One such startling case occurred September 21, 1989 when a University of Cincinnati student witnessed a later-term D&E abortion. Yvonne Brower was writing a paper on abortion, and had been given special permission to watch an abortionist at work. After seeing a child born alive, Brower called the police.

The police report revealed what happened that night:

She stated that by 11 o’clock she had already observed two “D&E” three-day procedures on two patients. She stated on the third patient, however, the abortion was different …. The patient’s water was already broken and she spontaneously gave birth prematurely before the proper D&E procedure could be done. She stated that the baby was delivered feet first very quickly through the birth canal. The head was on its way out when Dr. Haskell reached over and got his scissors and snipped the right side of the baby’s common carotid artery.

But this failed to kill the baby. The police report continued:

The complainant stated that the baby was still moving when she looked at it once again …. it was breathing shallow breaths, as was evidenced by the chest moving up and down. She stated that she could also observe the baby’s hand having slow, controlled, muscular movements, unlike the short jerky twitchy motions she had seen and learned to expect when the baby was already dead before it came out of the birth canal.

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