New Discovery Shows Evidence Podesta Abusing Child At STRIP JOINT!

(VIDEO) John Podesta Abusing Child – Proof? New Discovery = Takes Place At Strip joint? Dancing Girl Silhouette in BAckground!!!


John Podesta has served The Democratic Party for decades. He’s got his evil roots embedded within the system having worked for both The Clintons and Barack Hussein Obama. He was most notoriously recognized during the 2016 presidential election as the “voice” for Hillary Clinton, and its a VOICE that one cannot forget. Hear for yourself: irrefutable evidence.


We published this video on Feb. 24, 2017 however new evidence called for an update. After reviewing this video again, I noticed a dancing girl silhouette in the background. It is CLEAR that its EROTIC DANCING. What is a CHILD even DOING THERE? more less SCREAMING? !!! I’ve added additional videos with proof that this is John Podesta. Sounds just like him and his name is “John”. Even if you don’t believe all of that, you can’t deny the “drag queen” and what he/ she says at the end of the video about liking “little boys”.

The police sketch from this kidnapping case matches identically The Podesta Brothers. How can you mistake this? the kidnapping took place just a couple miles from where The Podesta Brothers were staying. The girl still has not been found.





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