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BREAKING: Obama Busted Giving Iran NUKES


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President Barack Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran this summer was slammed by critics internationally. The deal was called both illegal and short-sighted – but that hasn’t stopped Obama.

In fact, as one of his last acts as president, Obama is instead doubling-down — and his actions have all-but guaranteed Iran can build nuclear weapons, while simultaneously making it certain that President-elect Donald Trump can’t undo the damage.

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After getting busted making a shameful $400 million ransom payment, some predicted that Obama would shy away from further dealings with the hardliner Islamic regime.

Unfortunately, they were wrong — and the world is less safe because of it.

Insiders have revealed that Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia that could be used to make up to 10 nuclear bombs soon — and the whole thing was approved by Obama.

The administration claims the deal is compensation Iran was owed for exporting tons of reactor coolant and will keep Tehran committed to their controversial nuclear pact.

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