What Happens In Vegas, Stays With The CIA: 8 Witnesses Dead!


One month has passed since the Las Vegas shooing and we still do not have answers about what happened in the Mandalay Bay that night

BREAKING: List of Feldman's Pedogate Sexual Abusers Leaked Online

Screenshot - 11_5_2017 , 5_03_58 AM corey feldman abusers leaked

During an interview with Dr. Oz, Goonies Child Star Corey Feldman publicly exposes actor Jon Grissom for molesting him, and calls the police

Special Message About Nov. 4th: "Words Won't Defeat Antifa" ... Preppers Up In Arms!

Screenshot - 11_3_2017 , 3_33_31 AM antifa patriot civil war

WARNING: True Patriot Uses Vulgar Language! May Cause Antifa, Snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors To Self Defecate. LOL

BREAKING: Halloween Casts Evil Spell Over America, Yet Another Shooting At Walmart


We’re not going anywhere and guns are NOT the problem. It is EVIL in this world!

Are You a Proud IPhone Owner? If Yes, THIS Could Freak You Up, Trust Me!


Your iPhone has a serious privacy concern that allows iOS app developers to take your photographs and record

What You Need To Know About Halloween and The Satanist's Agenda

Screenshot - 10_31_2017 , 2_44_36 AM halloween fire and blood

As kids of all ages run excitedly door to door, disguised by a multitude of colorful characters, clutching bags of sweet treats, the thrill of Halloween

Nov 4th Antifa Riots Weren't As BAD As We Anticipated! Are They Over?


My final thought is if you can escape out of the big city’s and be with friends that weekend I would strongly suggest you strongly consider it