ALEX JONES: How A Cashless Society Will Track You Everywhere


“They’re literally putting in robots in; a Sky-net” to “control and track everything you do” ~ Alex Jones

LIVE From Parkland, FL: Kids ARE Missing In Wake Of Florida Shooting

APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

So many conspiracy theories are circulating in the wake of the Florida Shooting, but we must stick to facts. Reports are that there were

SHOCKING VIDEO: Florida School Shooting Witness Claims “Multiple Shooters” …


WATCH BEFORE THEY TAKE IT DOWN!!! Sharing for the sole purpose to spread the truth and get it out there!

Was The Broward Co. Florida Shooting Today a False Flag?


you can find articles published hours before the event was supposed to happen. Was it planned? staged or

Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando Were “Butt Buddies”, Pryor’s Widow Confirms


The widow of Richard Pryor has confirmed a claim by music producer Quincy Jones that the late comedian and Marlon Brando were lovers in

BREAKING: Pope Francis Was Just Implicated In This Sex Scandal


Pope Francis is under fire for apparently lying about not being fully informed that a Chilean … took part in the sexual abuse of a child