The Immunization Fraud: Flu Vaccines Don’t Stop You from Getting Flu


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The Truth Is Coming Out About The Flu Vaccine

The Immunization Fraud: Flu Vaccines Don’t Stop You from Getting Flu


Rhoda Wilson with The Expose reports:


There are four main types of flu viruses, A, B, C, and D. They are completely different and only A, B, and C affect humans.

Remember, the only way they can affect you is to get inside of you and into your bloodstream through that epithelial layer of your respiratory tract. Unless, of course, you decide to willingly inject them.

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The natural way for them to get in is by attaching to receptors on cells of that epithelial layer. Once attachment occurs, there must be a glycosylation or merging between the virus and the cell membrane. How easily this merging happens determines how “contagious” the virus is. The proteins on types A and B that do this merging are very similar, making them highly contagious. The protein on influenza C is different, making it less contagious. The protein on type D is so different that it will not merge with human cells.

All four of these viruses are constantly transmitting between humans, even D from animals. Type D will not be able to attach to human cells unless it is “monkeyed with” in the laboratory, called Gain of Function research.

Whether or not a person will display symptoms after contracting a virus is determined by the condition of their immune system, not the presence of the virus because it is almost always present.

The curious thing about these flu viruses is that our bodies constantly mutate them. Remember the virus is not alive, has no intelligence, no desire to attack you, no ability to inject itself into a cell, and no ability to mutate itself. The mutations are under the intelligent control of APOBEC enzymes in the cytoplasm of cells communicating with the nervous system, endocrine system, other viruses, exosomes, and ultimately universal intelligence. In fact, the APOBEC enzymes may only take parts of the transmissible virus and make a new protein that will change the cellular function of that particular cell line. This is why some doctors like me will say that viruses that are not man-made are part of nature, part of us, will always be with us, and are necessary for our survival.

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