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Prophecy: We Are in a Joseph Moment


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“Who will not just read the newsreel but speak forth My answers, strategies and solutions into the earth?”

Prophecy: We Are in a Joseph Moment

Nate Johnston with Charisma Magazine writes:

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Recently, these words dropped heavily into my spirit: “We are in a Joseph moment!”

What is a Joseph moment? A Joseph moment is one of great insight, revelation, preparation and turning the enemy’s plans back on him.

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After such a long season of feeling inactive, misunderstood, cast off, rejected, and forgotten by God, Joseph was summoned by Pharaoh to interpret a dream no one else could. Essentially, Joseph was called to the palace to fix a problem that the wisest human minds couldn’t — only God could.

Who Will Speak Forth My Solutions?

We are in a time where the earth is facing a myriad of problems and the wisest cannot fix or solve them. But God has been asking the church in this hour, “Who will not just read the newsreel but speak forth My answers, strategies and solutions into the earth?”

The signs of the times are obvious. The enemy wants to destroy the nations, cause wars, tear down godly values and allow wickedness to run rampant. From that place, so many have been prophesying warnings without giving any practical strategy or redemption. What can be averted or counteracted? What can prayer shift? What are the skinny cows of the hour? What can we do to be prepared? We keep either prophesying doom and gloom that feels final or we bury our heads in the sand, pretending the problems don’t exist … but the Josephs know this is their moment.

We Are in a Window of Time

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