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If MLK Jr. Was Alive Today, He Wouldn’t Be A Democrat


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MLK Jr. Must Be Turning In His Grave …

If MLK Jr. Was Alive Today, He Wouldn’t Be A Democrat

by Morris Muthama | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

IMAGE VIA businessinsider.com

Yes, I said it. MLK would not be comfortable seeing the assault on Americanism by the Democrats. MLK was a leader who fronted the United States above personal interests, often exposed to the threat of those who sought to retain the status quo, yet unrelenting in the quest for change. It is worth noting that unlike the Democrats assertion of blind liberalism, which has been unveiled to be an empty appeal, solely rooted in the hypocrisy typical of those leftists who daily contradict the values MLK laid down his life for. America is bleeding, workers have been dismissed unfairly, and the entire system is in a mess. The artificially orchestrated shortage in the nursing career as a result of the vaccine mandates, the innocent children sent out of school for not being vaccinated, and the monumental failure of the Biden administration on foreign policy is in stark contrast with MLK’s dream.

            If MLK was alive today, I imagine the thought-provoking arguments he would front against the Democratic Party. This time around, the great civil rights movement leader would not deliver his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The address would not have the right impact on that locality. The best place would be 430 South Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003 because he would defect. Despite the hoopla that Democrats arose to power, the huge promises made to Americans, and the impunity with which they assaulted democracy, the leftists, seem to have reached a cull de sac. How would a crusader of justice like MLK identify with individuals who, instead of utilizing the resources at their disposal to improve Americans’ lives and promote human dignity, they are busy devising excuses to explain their naivety and stinking lethargy?

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            If there are people who ought to tell the American people about MLK day, it is the democrats. They are an embodiment of the very injustices that he opposed. Currently, the Democratic Party has sabotaged its program and proven to be a bunch of ill-motivated individuals without the slightest hint on the plight of the American people. Despite making bold claims on their inclination on science in handling COVID-19, the democrats have dismally failed in managing the situation, constantly imposing disastrous mandates and clapping for Dr Fauci as he continues to wretch havoc on families. The monumental failures will go down in the history of America, and generations later will read about the failures of individuals who made bold claims and achieved so little. As we celebrate MLK day, let us, as a people, reflect on the ideological underpinnings that informed the Civil Rights Movement, which orchestrated the emancipation of the formerly enslaved Americans. Let us reflect on the values, ideologies, and inclinations held by MLK, which would so clearly tell him apart from the leftists, who have declared themselves his enemies by their actions.

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