Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Revamping Your Sense of Identity Again’


Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Revamping Your Sense of Identity Again’

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘I Am Revamping Your Sense of Identity Again’

Jamie Rohrbaugh with Charisma Magazine has a powerful word of encouragement:

Beloved, are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed lately? Have you been feeling like a disappointment and a failure to yourself and others?

If so, the Lord wants to encourage you today.

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This is what I heard the Lord say:

“I am revamping your sense of identity yet again, My child.”


He went on to say: “You have been worrying and discouraged because the things you used to be—the things that gave you a sense of identity no longer are. Those things no longer exist, and this has caused you a great amount of sadness.

“However, My child, I allowed these things to be stripped away because I am unveiling yet another layer of who you really are.

“Notice that the way you think about things and the way I think about things are different.

“If you were a sculpture in progress—a block of marble—you would be worried about all the pieces you are losing as I chip away at various pieces of you. However, all the while, I would be delighting in each chip that I remove because each piece I pull away from you reveals a little bit more of your true form to the world.

“That is what I am doing in your character and heart right now: I am revealing you to the world.

“In this world you have trials and tribulations. You live in a sinful world, but I am forming you into My image. So piece by piece, like a master sculptor, I am removing the effects of sin from your life. They are falling off of you like scales.

“But, My love, this work is necessary. This process is necessary.

“I know you feel hurt as I remove things that bind you, but soon you will feel so much freer than you ever felt before. You took your identity from certain things that you no longer need, but I am answering your prayers to be free from the shackles that bind.

“My child, you are secure in Me.

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