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Rapper Tiny Jag pulls out in protest and Eventbrite threatens to pull event from listings

by Kelen McBreen |

Detroit’s AfroFuture music festival has canceled a controversial policy charging whites twice as much as “people of color.”


Advertisements for the event were open about charging white people more money, with one social media post reading, “Early Bird POC Tickets are $10 & $20 for NONPOC’s & on sale until JULY 17.”

In a hypocritical message explaining the pricing discrepancy, AfroFuture writes, “Why do we have poc(people of color) and nonpoc(white people) tickets? I’m glad you asked! Equality means treating everyone the same.”

Rapper and podcaster Zuby condemned the policy in a tweet, saying, “Well done intersectional radicals. You’ve become the very racists you claim to stand against. So woke… So very woke.”

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Festival Removes Rapper Who Quit Music Fest That Double-Charged Whites
“The artist’s actions have created negative and dangerous effects on members of our community”

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