The Truth About Gun Confiscation – Ban Alcohol? Ban Knives? Ban Cars? (EDITORIAL)

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The Truth About Gun Confiscation – Ban Alcohol? Ban Knives? Ban Cars? (EDITORIAL)

by David R Klampert | Eternal Affairs Media



Well, the censoring pigs and bastards at FB continue to take down my following post which to me anyway, speaks to the veracity of my observations as being quite correct. Please bear with me as I will be continually posting this for quite some time, (I absolutely DETEST the censoring bastards at FB and view them AND THEIR BOSS with absolutely NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT! Also, for anyone who sees and agrees with the logic in my thoughts; just to piss off Zuckerberg’s censors, you might consider sharing this yourself. I would certainly appreciate it.

My Perception of the Increasing Incidents of Gun Violence in America, (In response to my cousin’s apparent support of revoking our Second Amendment).

O-K, so by that reasoning, also alcohol kills far more people than do guns, (quite unlike marijuana); also then, knives kill, archery kills, cars kill, hell, even an unintended gas leak in a stove or furnace kills. Does this suggest that we should outlaw them all: or just the guns because they sound off a report when discharged, even though causing far fewer deaths than does alcohol or automobiles?

It might strike you as interesting to note that prior to the proposal of the Eighteenth Amendment, (alcohol prohibition), in December 1917, its’ adoption by thirty-six states announced in January, 1919 and its’ effective enactment in January, 1920; alcohol consumption was at its’ historically LOWEST level since anytime prior in our history. Yet, when Prohibition went into effect in January, 1920; alcohol consumption began to skyrocket, increasing every year of the prohibition until it was repealed nearly thirteen full years later, (168 months to be exact). During that time there was a substantial increase of alcoholism, drunken driving, deaths due to alcohol poisoning, (both grain and wood alcohols) and all other negative effects of alcohol.

Also interesting to note is that the status of Marijuana was changed from a simple cash generating crop for its’ hemp value, then to a “Class One Controlled Narcotic” by the early-mid 1930s. Talking with doctors here in Los Angeles at the VA Hospital, an orthopedic surgeon that I was talking to, not only knew of the facts to which I speak regarding prohibition, but also went on to inform me that the criminalization of marijuana was a direct result of lobbying congress by the alcohol and tobacco industries as, people who are smoking marijuana generally DON’T care to be smoking tobacco or consuming alcohol as when enjoying a “pot high”, the consumption of both alcohol and tobacco have a negative effect on the “high” of smoking marijuana. (Indeed, there have been many social and economic derogatory “surprises” in our history!)

Regardless; The increase in gun violence over the past few decades is, in my opinion, NOT DUE to an increase in the availability of guns. Hell, when I was growing up in Wisconsin, schools had Marksmanship Clubs, often within the school building itself; I clearly remember in high school seeing in the student’s parking lot several pick-up trucks with rear window rifle racks and often with one or sometimes even two rifles in the rack.

From MY perception, the problem IS NOT the AVAILABILITY OF GUNS so much as it is a breakdown of our social order morays and taboos which WE ALL WITNESS in the increasing level of violence in Hollywood movies and especially video games that sport violence and the “killing” of imagined, or “play” adversaries and enemies, which would naturally, psychologically detract from the value and respect for any and all life. Add to this our economic “evolution” to the point where a single wage earner being able to support a family of wife and six or eight kids which was once quite possible and within reasonable reach, today is out of the question even for those with only one or two kids, except for the most wealthy of families. As well, our social values have changed from what was once a VITAL ROLE for women in a family setting, indeed one of the most valued and demanding of responsibilities, raising of children and instilling a sense of value for that which is “right” and contempt for that which is unethical or “wrong”, which has today has come to be viewed with contempt as, “Oh, is that really all that you do??” As well, today, invariably BOTH parents MUST WORK in order to make ends meet. (This a function of our “Federal Reserve” which is no more “Federal” than is Federal Express and whose “Reserves” amount to nothing more than printing presses; however this is a totally different conversation that we can get involved in at another time.)

So, adding to the mix of “latch-key” kids without adequate parental guidance, the disregard of churches, and most all organized “religions” that once reinforced what the children learned from Mom and Dad and that once taught moral values and social ethics, the breakdown of moral ethics and values which we can speak to in the obnoxious, anti-social and violent “lyrics” involved in today’s rap “music”, and then the natural resulting of children feeling inadequate vis-à-vis their peers and often being bullied and shunned for being “different”, ALL of the above contributing to record levels of childhood prescriptions for psychotropic anti-depressants, (ALL OF WHICH CARRY WARNING STATEMENTS OF POTENTIAL VIOLENT and ANTI-SOCIAL or SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR, often occurring simultaneously and that EACH of the mass shooters have been reported to be in withdrawal from or still actively taking), this added to ALL of the above, in my opinion, gives a perfect recipe for tragedy, massacres, and disastrous mischief in the works.

Just my observations, mind you.

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