Leftist Snowflakes Are Offended By “Okay” Hand Sign – Its RACIST!


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Leftist Snowflakes Are Offended By “Okay” Hand Sign – Its RACIST!

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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Leftist snowflakes will believe anything mainstream media and their leftist liberal college professors tell them. Somehow, starting from a joke, this whole “okay” hand sign has gotten out of hand. This is the same hand sign that many (black and white) including President Obama himself, have been giving throughout history to signify many different things including chefs showing that something is “tasty”, and if anything questionable it would be the Illuminati’s sign for “666”. President Donald Trump gives this sign to stress a point, BUT IT WAS NEVER MEANT AS A WHITE SUPREMACIST SIGN and there is not only zero evidence of this claim … its not even logical.

malik-obama-twitterDoes he LOOK like a WHITE SUPREMACIST?

People are so stupid. Always trying to shut us up & take away our Freedom of Speech!

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