Good News: Missouri Passes Convention of States 4-1


Good News: Missouri Passes Convention of States 4-1


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by Keith Carmichael | State Director | Convention of States Missouri

reported by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

Missouri Team – 

You did it again! I’m excited to announce that the Missouri Senate Committee passed our Convention of States resolution (HCR 4) with a final vote of 4-1.

Take a few seconds to celebrate, then it’s back to work.


We have another important committee vote coming up in the Missouri House.

Please take a couple moments to participate in these calls-to-action. It’s especially important that you contact members of the House Rules Committee, and ask them to demand that the committee chair schedule a vote on HCR 4. 

Click here for more info and talking points.

For Missouri and America!!!

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