Kim Jong-un Appears To Be On Twitter LOL


Kim Jong-un Appears To Be On Twitter

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This appears to be a fake profile; still not sure because you never know in this day and age, but the profile reads:

Kim Jong-un (@norcoreano)


Líder Supremo de la Corea buena, la del Norte, la fetén. Soy de los que se apuntan a un bombardeo. (Fake).

In English:

Supreme Leader of the good Korea, the North, the feten. I am one of those who point to a bombing. (Fake).





This person’s latest tweet was to (@barackobama) saying:

@BarackObama No te acuestes tarde que mañana hay que empezar a echar currículums.

In English this means:

Do not go to bed late, tomorrow you have to start posting résumés

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