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BREAKING: Obama “Birther Issue” Put To Rest With Evidence Presented By Sheriff Joe Arpaio

by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of The End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

God told me to pay closer attention to Sheriff Joe long ago. But things were heated with the election that I didn’t have the manpower to produce this type of content. Thank you to two new journalists that have come on board, however we are still HIRING!!!

We all knew that Obama’s birth certificate was fake from the beginning. He didn’t have one for the first three years in office. Then he produced the fake one, now proven by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be fake. He presented his 5-year investigation / case to congress on Thursday, FINALLY, after eight years of being “shammed” by an Illegal President. I didn’t believe him for one second, but unfortunately a lot of people put the case to rest. We were insulted for our “birther” viewpoints left and right.



If you were one which believed Obama for just a second, maybe you will listen to us this time: Trump is the only secular answer! We don’t stray from our story. We publish the truth powered by The TRUTH!
alway for eternity (or until the site gets taken down by NWO)
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