Facebook = The Bank


Would you do your banking on Facebook?


Would you provide your personal financial information to a social network that contains all of your likes, friends, connections, etc.? … Let us know in the comments.

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Our source today is WebProNews!

According to a report from CNN Money, the company [Facebook] has been talking to banks about offering solutions that would allow bank customers to do their banking and engage with their banks using their Facebook accounts. Lauren Barack reports:

“There are certain things, whether itʼs financial services, or banking where I donʼt necessarily want my friends to know exactly what Iʼm doing, right?” David Robinson, Facebook’s director of global marketing solutions, U.S. financial services, asked a crowded room of bankers at a Securities Industries and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) seminar in New York late last month. “I want to be able to go in and have an experience with my advisor or my bank and have that be a one-on-one experience.”

Is this just another ploy to usher in the one world financial / government system? We are against it entirely. How do you feel?

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