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5 Counterfeit Truths of Progressive Christianity


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My sister thought the imposter cheese tasted right because she wasn’t familiar with the real thing. It’s wasn’t her fault

5 Counterfeit Truths of Progressive Christianity

Alisa Childers with Bible Study Tools writes:

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I’m convinced that one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind is the discovery of all things dairy. Cream-top milk, full-fat cheese, grass-fed butter, rich gelato, and whipped heavy cream are some of my favorite indulgences. Can you imagine the bitter existence of having to drink your coffee black—or even worse, lightened with nut milk? Give me half-and-half or give me death.

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Unfortunately, my sister has been allergic to the stuff for as long as I can remember. One Christmas, she splurged on some really expensive non-dairy brie “cheese,” and exclaimed, “This is SO good. It tastes just like the real thing!” Her excitement was palpable, so I gave it a taste. As the gray clotted mass made its way toward my face, I got a whiff of what smelled like moldy mushrooms, leather, and pennies. Forcing a small bite between my grimaced lips I mustered a polite, “Mmmm. That is . . . uh . . . interesting.” I paused before asking, “Is that what you think brie tastes like?” We burst out laughing as she realized she had never even tasted it.

My sister thought the imposter cheese tasted right because she wasn’t familiar with the real thing. It’s wasn’t her fault. She’d never sampled the double-cream goodness melting over a cracker and topped with fig jam. But I could never be tricked because I eat the real thing regularly. And. I. Love. It.

It’s the same with the gospel. There are all kinds of false ideas about God floating around that seem right at first. And if we don’t know the real thing, we might even feel satisfied with their half-truths and misrepresentations. One of these false ideas is the modern trend of progressive Christianity.

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