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Russia Plans To Ban Commodity Exports Following Western Sanctions


Some Popular Commodities Are Oil, Food, Precious Metals as well as Many Other Commodities …

Russia Plans To Ban Commodity Exports Following Western Sanctions

Ethan Huff with News Target reports:

IMAGE VIA hubco.in

Though he has not yet specified which goods will be restricted, Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that some commodities and raw materials will soon be banned from export in response to Western sanctions against the Federation.

In a decree issued Tuesday night, March 8, Putin gave the Russian cabinet two days to come up with a list of countries that will be subject to the ban. The announcement came just hours after fake “president” Joe Biden of the United States announced a ban on imports of Russian oil.

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Even though gas prices are already skyrocketing, impacting America’s working poor worse than anybody else, Biden’s handlers decided that it was time to make that situation even worse by escalating their pissing match with Putin.

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