TUNE IN ALERT: Politically Incorrect w/ Andrew Shecktor ~ Special Christmas Episode


Dan Hennen is not conducting an #EATruthRadio show this weekl Marsi Latimer off until after New Year! Tune into Andy’s Special Tomorrow …

An American Call To Power – It’s Past Time For ‘We The People’ To Rise


We call back our power as a people, and as a Republic. We claim it, own it, and work to preserve our divine right, our self governess …

Poll Finds Only 9% of Generation Z Youth Ages 15-17 Are “Scripture Engaged,” 47% Considered “Disengaged”


If your child is routinely absorbing the Word of God, you’re doing better than the vast majority of parents raising Gen Z children.

The Truth of What Happened January 6th? … Mars Bar, December 19, 2021


What Really Happened January 6th? Is Biden Really The Elected President? … and More! … Thank you for supporting #EATruthRadio! Listen Here …

12-Years After Brittany Murphy’s Death – There Is Still Mystery As To WHY! Exclusive Murphy Memorial In Writing …


an LA County coroner determined that pneumonia was Murphy’s primary cause of death, in addition to iron-deficiency anemia and drug use