12-Years After Brittany Murphy’s Death – There Is Still Mystery As To WHY! Exclusive Murphy Memorial In Writing …


Today Is Brittany Murphy’s Death Anniversary And Still Nobody Has Answers …

12-Years After Brittany Murphy’s Death – There Is Still Mystery As To WHY! Exclusive Murphy Memorial In Writing …

by Divya Handa | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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The American actress and singer Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack was born in 1983. She is originally from Atlanta. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, Brittany Anne became a star. She has played many different characters in dozens of TV shows, movies, and movies throughout the years.  

Murphy’s early life 

In Atlanta, Georgia, Brittany Anne Murphy’s parents divorced when she was two years old, Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her mother raised Brittany Anne Murphy in Edison, New Jersey. Bertolotti was not named as her father on Brittany’s first death certificate. After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, Murphy began her career as an actress before enrolling at Edison High School.

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She credited her mother for her later success and said she didn’t have to be stifled in her creativity by her mother. As she said, “Immediately after I asked my mom to move to California, she sold all her possessions and moved out here herself. She added in her speech that her mom believed in her from the very beginning.” She inherited her father’s Italian ancestry from her Irish and Slovakian mother. The girl was raised as a Baptist and later converted to non-denominational Christianity. She had two older half-brothers and a younger half-sister.

Murphy’s career commenced.

As a 13-year-old, Murphy already experienced triple threat art: singing, acting, and dancing. Her big break in television had already happened before she moved to California in 1991 – she was a star of Drexel’s Class. Some years later, she performed on Broadway in A View from the Bridge (1997). The stars seemed to have aligned for her. Other shows she appeared in during the 90s include Boy Meets World and Sister Sisters.  

Some of Brittany Murphy’s most famous films

She had already achieved great success in the 1990s, both for her TV performances and movie roles! Her role in the comedy high school film, Clueless in 1995 included Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Paul Rudd. There were also films such as Girl, Interrupted, Drive, and Drop Dead Gorgeous in the same era.

Her subsequent roles were in Freeway (1996), starring Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland, and in the independent comedy Bongwater (1998). She portrayed a troubled psychiatric patient alongside Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in James Mangold’s Girl, Interrupted in 1999, and as a beauty queen in Drop Dead Gorgeous in 2000. Her other television roles include Luanne Platter on Fox’s animated sitcom King of the Hill from 1997 to 2009 and Joseph Gribble until the fifth season. For her voice work on “Moving On Up,” she was nominated for an Annie Award.


The 2000s began with her leading role in Don’t Say a Word with Michael Douglas; The Devil’s Arithmetic (2001); 8 Mile (2002), for which she received critical acclaim; and Uptown Girls (2003). She appeared in the romantic comedies Just Married and Little Black Book in 2003 and the critically acclaimed film Sin City in 2005. Several of Murphy’s films received favorable reviews from Roger Ebert, who compared her to Lucille Ball for her acting talents and comedic timing.

“Right now, on her birth anniversary, I recall Brittany Murphy from the 2003 Independent Spirit Awards when she presented a category. It was her responsibility to read the names of the five nominees, open an envelope, and reveal the winner. It became an opportunity for screwball improvisational comedy when the stage manager tried to whisper in her ear twice before pretending to be unable to follow the instructions, even after audience members shouted instructions at her. Many of the audience members had no idea what she was talking about, but her brilliance dumbfounded me.”

Murphy followed up his debut film with several independent films, including Spun (2002), Neverwas (2005), Karen Moncrieff’s The Dead Girl (2006), and two Edward Burns films: Sidewalks of New York (2001) and The Groomsmen (2006). A critically acclaimed animated feature film starring Gloria Penguin in 2006 brought her back to voice acting. A year after being cast in Tribute on Lifetime TV, Cilla was the main character. Abandoned was Murphy’s last production, completed in June 2009 but not released until she died in 2010. She was replaced by Rachelle Lefevre when Murphy left the production of The Caller, which was in production in Puerto Rico. She cited “creative differences” as the reason for her dismissal from the project and denied media reports that she had been fired after being difficult on set. In 2014. She credited her final film, Something Wicked, with her name.

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Her Experience in the Music Industry 

On June 19, 2003, Murphy performed for the crew at a USO show onboard the USS Nimitz.

Throughout Murphy’s career, she also worked as a singer. According to her, she said, “My singing voice isn’t the same as my spoken voice. Since I wanted to learn the basics of working behind the microphone in a recording studio, I always kept it as a secret, and some of the singers don’t even know it was me recording their album.”

Early in the 1990s, she and fellow actor Eric Balfour were in a Blessed Soul band. A Lively Mind was released on June 6, 2006, and features the single “Faster Kill Pussycat” by Murphy and Oakenfold. In June 2006, it reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart. Oakenfold was born in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number seven.

The film Happy Feet allowed her to sing two songs from Queen’s Somebody to Love and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Boogie Wonderland. As Murphy described her character, Gloria, “It’s funny, but of all the characters I have played, Gloria is the most like myself.”

Furthermore, she’s a penguin! There was always a desire by George Miller for one person to do both speaking and singing. I told him, ‘I can sing,’ and asked him to test it out. In reality, I don’t think he took me seriously since most actors claim to be able to do anything.”

So this is all about Murphy’s career life as she was a very self-reliant person during her acting career. She reached that level only because she believed in herself. She loved to do experiences and explore herself in different characters; that’s why she never repeated the same character in her journey. But here is the question, the very famous and open-minded person, what is the reason behind her sudden death? There are multiple reasons in social media and the news related to her death, but no one knows the reality. Same as we will try to find out the reason for her sudden death, we will explain what happened that night. 

Murphy’s death is still suspenseful for everyone. 

This December, it has been twelve years of Brittany Murphy’s death and under the circumstances so mysterious that the mystery surrounding her death still hangs over her work. Were the circumstances of her death suspicious? Has her husband, slick-haired screenwriter Simon Monjack, been involved in the production? And what about Monjack’s death five months later, which appeared to be caused by the exact causes as Murphy’s: pneumonia and malnutrition?

What happened to her mother and husband after her death?

As reported by Alex Ben Block, Murphy accompanied her husband, Simon Monjack, and mother, Sharon Murphy, on a visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in November 2009 to film a movie, The Caller.

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The situation deteriorated immediately. On the first day of the shooting, Murphy was fired. Some reports blamed Monjack’s on-set drunken behavior. While they were on the island vacationing, Monjack and Sharon caught Staphylococcus. As Murphy and her husband flew back to Los Angeles, Murphy performed CPR on her husband after suffering a “mild heart attack.”

She was later infected with Staphylococcus aureus, and it was devastating. Her second period in a month caused her to become anemic and suffer from a severe case of laryngitis by mid-December. Six weeks ago, she didn’t seek medical attention because she believed she could handle the pain this time, and she also called to make an appointment between Monday and Friday for the precautionary concern. Unfortunately, she did not make it through the weekend.

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Cause of death for Brittany Murphy?

In a statement to the Associated Press the day after Murphy died, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said the cause of death was “natural.” On Murphy’s death certificate, her cause of death is listed as “deferred.” The day after Murphy’s death, an autopsy was performed. In February 2010, an LA County coroner determined that pneumonia was Murphy’s primary cause of death, in addition to iron-deficiency anemia and drug use.

In an autopsy report at the time, the coroner reported that Murphy was probably treating a cold or a respiratory infection with various over-the-counter and prescription medications. It is possible that the drug may have contributed to her death, described in the report as an accident, if it resulted in an excessive concentration of hydrocodone, acetaminophen, methamphetamine, and chlorpheniramine. Sources said there is no way to discount the possibility of a weakened woman’s body experiencing adverse effects from these high doses. The actress’ mother and husband denied that Murphy used drugs or alcohol during her lifetime and maintained that her death resulted from a heart condition and mitral valve prolapse-not drug use.

What caused Brittany Murphy’s death? Was the reason the “black mold”?

There was speculation that so-called toxic “black mold” could have been involved in Murphy and her husband’s deaths since they developed the same condition and died in their home. When the mold was suspected as the cause of Murphy and Monjack’s fatal pneumonia, the Los Angeles County Department of Health confirmed the suspicions. Still, the coroner’s office dismissed the investigation, stating that there had been “no indications” of mold being involved. She also called reports that mold may have been a factor in her daughter and son-in-law’s deaths “absurd” and said the Los Angeles Health Department had never inspected their Hollywood Hills home for mold.

Sharon, however, recanted her statement in December 2011 and stated that the mold was responsible for Murphy and Monjack’s death more than two years after their deaths. At the time, she filed a complaint against Steiner & Libo, the law firm representing her in a previous suit against the builders of Murphy’s Hollywood Hills home. When she accepted the final settlement of her earlier lawsuit in January 2011, she held the firm liable for legal malpractice, breach of contract. Breach of fiduciary duty for failing to properly inform her that, based on high-level sources, she would forfeit her right to sue for the wrongful deaths of her daughter and son-in-law resulting from mold in their 13-year-old home.

It claimed that the firm hired in early 2009 “should have known that Simon and Brittany Murphy had died and that their deaths were caused by factors related to the subject property.” The suit claimed that the firm “had a duty to advise Sharon Murphy that a wrongful death suit may have been appropriate.”

In an interview at the time, Ed Winter, Los Angeles County’s assistant chief coroner, denied Sharon’s allegation that mold was present and stated that the office looked specifically for evidence of mold during Murphy and Monjack’s autopsies, but none was found. During an interview with the press, he explained that Sharon told him that, at the time of Monjack’s death, mold wasn’t the cause of his pneumonia and that she wouldn’t permit a California health department inspection.

In June 2003, Sharon and Murphy paid $3.85 million for Britney Spears’ five-bedroom, 8,000- square-foot Hollywood Hills home. Britney and Justin Timberlake then occupied the house. Sharon sold the house for $2.7 million in 2011. Her mold concerns led Sharon to move to a hotel weeks before selling the home.

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