Could This be the Root of Your Spiritual Warfare? Truth Is A Mighty Weapon In Battle


Jennifer LeClaire preaches about Truth … and she does a great job …”Truth is a mighty weapon in battle” … WATCH Video Here!

Atlanta Officials Approve Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Plan for Multi-Use Development at Army Base Site


Jakes, founder of The Potter’s House, bought nearly 95 acres of what was formerly Fort McPherson army base in Fulton County, Georgia

Students, Teachers and Parents Rise Up Against California’s Rules with ‘No Mandate Monday’


In response to sanctions against what once was normal life, protests are happening outside of schools.

We Are The News Now w/ Dan Hennen on EA Truth Radio


Introducing New Show Branding: WE ARE THE NEWS NOW!!! Thank you for tuning in & showing your support! Listen here!

California Conservative Marsi Latimer Talks on ‘Mars Bar’ About School Vaccine Mandates & More


This is Marsi’s LIVE show from Sunday, October 24, 2021. Thank you for tuning in & showing your support!