People’s Brains Are Being Cooked & Fried by Electro Magnetic Frequencies – Protect Yourself


People’s Brains Are Being Cooked & Fried by Electro Magnetic Frequencies – Protect Yourself

STRANGER THAN FICTION: Laptops Have Been Weaponized With Software Update – Gives People Severe Fatigue


This is so very true. I have my WIFI router in my bedroom right next to my bed and its on 99.9% of the time. They said it was the best place to put it since the “hook up” is in there, even though I protested, and even requested that they hardwire my computers.

Anyway, I bought one of those cheap plugin switches for $6 bucks on eBay and I’ve been turning the router off occasionally while I sleep. When I do, I can usually tell a HUGE difference in how RESTFUL I slept.

For i.e. Last night I was so stressed when I lied down, I was hearing ringing and buzzing. I turned the router off and fell right to sleep with no problems all night. Slept like a baby and woke up even feeling much better.

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EMF is real and it’s going to become more and more common for people to be concerned about EMF as things like 5G roll out and people are concerned about their health.

Definitely check out this VIDEO by STRANGER THAN FICTION:

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