PROPHECY: Warring Angels Are Battling on Your Behalf

Christian Angel Warrior Image

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PROPHECY: Warring Angels Are Battling on Your Behalf

We are entering a pivotal time in which, I believe, the angelic will be released on a larger scale to help us with the continuous, attempted attacks of the enemy. We may feel beaten up at times, but we have the victory, and we are overcoming with a mighty strength. Angels of greater ranking authority have been sent out to accompany you in this hour.

Christian Angel Warrior Image

I was recently invited to go minister in Oklahoma with some very good friends. We experienced the most massive healing and revival in the area that I have seen yet. We saw people experience supernatural weight loss and metal melting in bodies with confirmation from doctor reports. These are exciting times!

The Warring Angels

The night after the conference was over, there was a powerful storm in the sky; lightning was striking everywhere, and the power went out in some places. I knew the battle had begun. My spiritual eyes had been opened at the conference.

I had not been able to see angels since I was very small, but as I looked behind the special speaker, I could see two enormous angels standing behind him, with blue flames and their arms crossed, holding swords. I sat there in awe as the presence of God filled the room. Many people experienced the same thing; even children began to say they could see angels in the room.

That evening I dreamed all night long of angels going back and forth between heaven and earth and sharpening their swords for war!

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