BREAKING London Police: Run Hide Tell After London Bridge Attack


BREAKING London Police: Run Hide Tell After London Bridge Attack

This is a developing story about #LondonBridge attack:
JUST IN: Two terror attacks at two separate locations in London, England plus a third unrelated stabbing have just taken place. Emergency personnel are being deployed to an event that has something to do with The London Bridge and has killed at least 1 person. It’s reported a van rammed through and hit some people on The London Bridge. London Police tweet: “Run, Hide, Tell” … whatever that means? The London Police suggest remaining “calm” and “alert and vigilant”.
Red State Watcher reports, Reports of gun shots fired, people being run over, people being stabbed, and one man arrested have emerged from an alleged London Bridge van attack.”

It’s reported the van was traveling at around 50 mph, ran over at least 20 people, then the assailants jumped out of the van and began stabbing people.
At least one person killed. It’s being reported that a police officer has been stabbed and possibly a suicide took place. We’re not sure about that just yet.
The three locations per Fox News are:
London Bridge
Borough Market

President Trump has been briefed and just tweeted “we need to be smart, vigilant and tough”

then tweets, “We need the travel ban as extra level of safety” and we couldn’t agree more as we’ve called for this a lot especially after all these terror attacks in England.

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Taxi drivers and and Police Officers were just yelling at people to run. Here is a video of Police in a restaurant telling people to “get down”.

“We’ll release facts when we can. Information must be accurate,” says Police. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to this outlet for updates.

Van rams into Pedestrians on London Bridge – Zero Hedge

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