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Innocent Family’s Home Burned, Boy Dead After SWAT Used Flash Bangs on Their Home


An innocent family is homeless and a 15-year-old boy is dead … Police are now conducting damage control to avoid taking the blame …

Shocking New Video Released – Raw Footage of Cops Beating Lifeless Rosanne


Capitol Police beat the sh*t out of Rosanne Boyland, a protester on January 6th, yet the Lamestream Media is CRICKETS … Watch Here …

Combat Flip Flop

Innocent Elderly Woman Pulled Over for No Reason as Cops Steal Her Life Savings, Prescription Medicine and Mock Her


Jeanetta Jones, 62, had harmed no one, committed no crime … All the while, these agents of the state think they are the good guys …

Woman Suing Police for Kidnapping, Stripping, and Forcibly ‘Baptizing’ Her During Traffic Stop, Found Dead


… deputies found the body of 42-year-old Shandle Marie Riley — the victim of deputy Wilkey — who had brought a lawsuit against the department …

Undercover Cop Conducts Unauthorized Sting Operation & Kills Mother of Two While She Screams For Help


Blocked the mother of two in, while wearing plain clothes, driving an unmarked car, and not carrying a badge … read more here …

Horrific Video Shows Teen Start Convulsing as Cop Tasers Him for Vaping Outside


Fortson was not seen in the video physically assaulting the officer or otherwise resisting in any way … Read more here!

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