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Max Lucado Says “You’ll Get Through This” With A Little “Grace” … It’s Time To Forgive Your Enemies …


“Do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity” … Fix your enemies? That’s God’s job … Read more here!

You May Not Yet Be Qualified … But You Are Called


You hillbillies will be my witnesses. You uneducated and simple folk will be my witnesses. You who once called me crazy, who shouted at me

Despite Vaccination, Max Lucado Tests Positive for COVID

Max Lucado

Christian author and preacher Max Lucado says he recently tested positive for COVID-19 despite vaccination.

“The Other Side of Death’s River” … a Max Lucado Short Story About Jesus’ Victory Over ‘Limited Beliefs’ …


Limited beliefs plagued a Brazilian village, just like they often affect our minds on a daily basis! This is an Inspirational short story about OVERCOMING LIMITED BELIEFS!

Up to 66% Off Mike Lindell's MyPillow Promo Code ETERNAL

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