After Five Years, We Still Know "Sandy Hook Shooting" Was a HOAX

Sandy Hook was a straight up HOAX and these children are alive and well. Make sure you go back up and watch the first...

California Armageddon: The Truth Stuns Firefighters, More About Direct Energy Weapons

"It looks like just nothing. It's just miles and miles and miles of nothing — just black, white ash."

BREAKING: LAPD Still Investigating Corey Feldman Pedo-Case Despite Reports

See the BELOW Screenshot from when I contacted The Los Angeles Police Department on behalf of EA Media to inquire about the investigation

45 Years After Apollo Mission, Trump Takes America Back To The Moon

Forty-five years ago today, NASA’s final Apollo mission landed on the surface of the Moon. No human has walked there since

About The Getty: Is It Possible The Elite Hit The Nuke Button and Trapped The Doors? #Pizzagate

Below the living areas, there are tube trains. Tube trains that go to the other underground bunkers
Palestinians burn posters depicting Netanyahu and Trump during a protest against the U.S. intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Hamas Calls For Palestinian Uprising In Response To Trump’s Jerusalem Plan

The Islamist group Hamas urged Palestinians on Thursday to abandon peace efforts and launch a new uprising

BREAKING: Trump Ignores Warnings and Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

After Five Years, We Still Know "Sandy Hook Shooting" Was a HOAX California Armageddon: The Truth Stuns Firefighters, More About Direct Energy Weapons BREAKING:...

Secrets Of The Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre: The Truth About The Coup & Coverup

In Las Vegas, Prince Al Waleed owned the upper floors of the Mandalyn Bay resort, including the 32nd floor

Military Contractors Are Being Told To Prepare For Domestic Deployment, Nationwide Civil Unrest

it’s not difficult to make some informed guesses about possible scenarios: An EMP attackfrom North Korea, an attempted left-wing revolution

The “Pedogate Storm” Is Coming: Over 4,000 Sealed Indictments (VIDEO)

The count is rising! Over 4,000 sealed indictments, FBI raids a cadaver clinic, Comet Ping Pong is being investigated and sex trafficking ring busted

UPDATED: The Truth About The Entertainment Industry, Michael Jackson and More

Baphomet is the demon set up in the music industry. Musicians make sacrifices to Baphomet to "secure" fame and fortune.