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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Its An Invasion! Soros Is Now 'Busing' In Migrant Caravan; American Mexicans Protesting

President Trump is going to make an announcement soon about Emergency Declaration on the U.S. Southern Border.
Screenshot - 11_14_2018 , 7_22_19 PM migrant caravan us border fence fox 5 san diego

Videos Show Migrant Thugs Climbing U.S. Border Fence, Take Action Now

Videos Show Migrant Thugs Climbing U.S. Border Fence, Take Action Now   Well, The Caravan has arrived and Our Honorable POTUS TRUMP is SILENT...

Call To Arms ... The Migrant Caravan Has Arrived at Southern Border

These THUGS are just toying with Border Patrol. This is a DEVELOPING STORY! Stay tuned to our UPDATES!

Martial Law Because of ‘Invasion’ – “Trust The 5D Plan” – QAnon

This amazing work by SerialBrain2 will continue to show us where the moves are being played behind the scenes

Midterms Are Over … What Did God’s Prophets Get Wrong?

Listen ... The Midterms MAY NOT BE OVER!!! Watch Video and Support us today!
Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Joshua Nink

Prophecy: Trump Will NOT Be Impeached Says The Lord

Wow! I can't believe I missed this one. Kim Clement a man of God no longer with us prophesied