Self Defense: How To Stop Women From Being Raped and Murdered

According to the FBI, four women die everyday as a result of domestic violence and about 130,000 women report ... learn NO Bullshit Self...

Beyonce Believes She Is God … Drummer “Witchcraft” Claims – The Truth of I AM!

In the below video, Evangelist Anita Fuentes breaks down the darkness surrounding Beyonce and shines light on the truth of I AM

Bernie Sanders ‘Is The Winner’ When It Comes To Amazon Donations

Bernie Sanders has received donations from more Amazon workers than Barack Obama over the past 14 years

The Body of Christ SPLIT: Hillsong Church Announces It Has Formed Its Own Denomination

It has become clear to us that we need to be able to credential our own pastors and restructure our church in a way...

Human Traffickers Getting Desperate: Be Aware In Parking Lots

When your life depends on it is when it is crucially important to stay aware of your surroundings. If you'd like to learn

Kavanaugh Releases Statement After Accuser Identifies Herself. He Isn’t Backing Down

On Monday, Kavanaugh denied allegations of inappropriate contact with a girl during his high school days and said he will make his case
Screenshot - 9_12_2018 , 8_45_46 PM tommy robinson interview

Tommy Robinson Interview: Do You Know What They Did To Me In Prison?

The facts in this interview — and the documents I show on screen — will outrage you

The Elitist Establishment Cartel, The Old Guard is Dead

Old-Guarders enforce their schemes of sheer trash with promises, pledges, assurances, cash. Two-faced and hell-bent to create a morass