APTOPIX School Shooting Florida

LIVE From Parkland, FL: Truthful Updates Regarding Florida Shooting

So many conspiracy theories are circulating in the wake of the Florida Shooting, but we must stick to facts. Reports are that there were...

BREAKING: Broward County School Shooting - False Flag!

you can find articles published hours before the event was supposed to happen. Was it planned? staged or

Could Clinton Be The Answer To All These Train Crashes?

special patent that has Hillary’s name all over it. It is the QRS-11 and it is a powerful device placed in all moving vehicles,...

MEDIA UPDATE: Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio Seeking Radio Talk Show Host Replacement

Eternal Affairs Media and Eternal Affairs TRUTH Radio is now seeking for a full time Intern Radio Talk Show Host to fill the shoes...

UPDATED: The Truth About The Entertainment Industry, Michael Jackson and More

Baphomet is the demon set up in the music industry. Musicians make sacrifices to Baphomet to "secure" fame and fortune.