Things You Should Know about Traditional Vaccines


Things you should know about vaccination – all vaccinations, before the onslaught of experimental Covid gene therapy drugs …

FDA Easing Restrictions For Gay Men Wishing To Donate Blood

New Yorkers Celebrate Gay Pride With Annual Parade

A lifetime ban was put in place during the AIDS epidemic over fears of HIV transmission. The new guidelines would ask all potential donors …

Iran Now Making Assassination Attempts on American Journalists


3 organized crime members with ties to Iran charged in assassination attempt against US citizen in NY … Read More Here …

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Elon Musk Suffered COVID Jab Injury: ‘I had major side effects’


Elon Musk joins a growing number of individuals reporting serious adverse events following reception of the COVID jabs …

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Neurosurgeon Proves How COVID Shot Can Damage The Brain & Cause Cancer


The doctor shared shocking discoveries about neurological damage, cancer rates, cardiac arrest and other exacerbating health issues …