What Is The Khazarian Mafia & What Is Their Role In The New World Order?


“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, but thou art rich, and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9

What Is The Khazarian Mafia & What Is Their Role In The New World Order?

by Liz Mumbi | Staff Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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It is imperative to highlight its genesis and its Jewish roots to contextualize the Khazarian mafia from an objective point of view. 

The term ‘Jew’ was first used in 500 BCE. Mika Ahuvia, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies & Comparative Religion adds that the term is synonymous with ‘Hebrews’ and ‘Israelites.’ These are the descendants of Israel as per the sacred text, the ‘Torah’ which identifies the people as b’nei Yisroel or b’not Yisroel meaning sons or daughters of Israel.

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Archaeologists and anthropologists have traced the ancestry of Jews as a people to 1000 BCE in the oriental nation of Canaan or Levant, which is in the modern-day states of Palestine and Israel.

The golden age of the Jews in Asia minor was in the 1010 – 931 BCE during the reign of the historical King David and King Solomon. King David is attributed to having founded the city of Jerusalem, and King Solomon is said to have built the first temple in the city. The two events intertwine the relevance and significance of the Jewish religion in defining the people, and the two perspectives are deemed inseparable.

The collapse of the oriental Jewish Kingdom was precipitated by the attack of and conquest by the ancient Assyrian Empire, marking an end to the golden age that barely lasted two generations.

In 586 and 587 BCE, the Babylonian Empire from modern-day Iraq invaded the Israel territory and annexed some regions of Southern Judea that remained unscathed by the Assyrian conquest. Following the invasion, the Jews were dispersed to parts of the Kingdom to become subjects of the new rulers.

Although Emperor Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Judea, consequent invasions by Alexander the Great scattered the effort of re-consolidating the nation of Israel. The mighty Roman Empire accelerated the great dispersion of Jews, dimming any prospects of re-enacting a new state of Israel.

According to the Florida Center for Instructional Technology-College of Education- University of South Florida, the last 2000 years have been dramatic and eventful for the Jewish people. Theories such as the Blood Libel of 1144 in Norwich, England, and the 1243 accusations of profaning the Host in Belit Germany are some of the incidences that have shaped the emergence of the secretive Khazarian mafia. Its goal is to create a world order with its members as overloads.

The Khazarian Hypotheses

Numerous underground societies emerged across Europe as Jews strived for survival. In the less documented Eastern European Jewish community, the 8th Century saw the emergence of a unique community- Khazarian Jews. Myths state that this group is descended from Khazars- a unique clan of nomads who inhabited the Northern Caucasus on the Caspian Sea.

The great dispersion of Jews following the recurring conquests after the fall of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah scattered Jews in new regions where the conquering civilization controlled. Hence, some Jewish communities have existed in the Black Sea region area. With the ancient Khazars being the overloads, the diaspora Jews influenced their belief system. They converted from their Turkic Shamanism religion to monotheistic Judaism, which defines the Jews as a people.

In the 8th and 9th centuries, Judaism became the dominant religion in the Khazaria region which established a new community with close ties to the Jews of Persia and Palestine.

Over time, as the persecution of Jews persisted with pogroms being common in Europe, the Khazarians retaliated by avenging the atrocities by persecuting Christians and Muslims in their domain. By acting as the protectors of the Jews and Judaism, the Khazarian rulers became a formidable force that safeguarded the old-age Jewish ways of life.

At the height of its influence in the 10th Century, the Khazarian empire controlled much of Southern Russia, Crimea, huge parts of Ukraine, and swathes of surrounding nations.

However, internal uprising and external invasion from barbaric Turkic tribes and attacks by the Kievan Rus precipitated the fall of the Kingdom.

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Is the Khazarian Mafia A Fact of a Hoax?

Following the collapse of Khazaria, historians believe that an underground movement of a Jewish sect flourished.

According to Preston James and Mike Harris, the Khazarian Mafia has been operating for centuries and their goal of to establish a new world order with them at the helm.

To infiltrate political and economic groups, the Khazarian Mafia is motivated by an evil objective of re-establishing the long-lost Khazarian hegemony where everyone else is either a subject or plays second fiddle.

The crime syndicate has an international web, and it has invested a colossal sum of money in wiping its history off the web to avoid a public outcry. Therefore, this makes reconstructing history daunting. Nonetheless, there still exists credible evidence of the undertakings of this mafia group which has infiltrated the highest echelons of the world.

However, we can reconstruct the historical journey of the mafia dating back to the invasion of their region by the Kievan Rus. With the help of spies, the Khazarian king and his cronies evaded capture and smuggled their vast riches into Europe.

The Banking Industry Is Controlled by the Khazarian Mafia

The mafia established themselves in the medieval European societies and soon became shylocks and wealthy merchants, but that was not enough; they yearned for more. In England, they enlisted Oliver Cromwell’s services to assassinate King Charles 1. In the ensuing melee, which set off a civil war, they established an intricate financial system that cemented England’s financial dominance in the global financial ecosystem.

Therefore, the Khazarian Mafia is real, and its core mission is to establish a new world order and remodel the long-lost Khazarian khaganate.

The Khazarian mafia controls the global banking system. Over the centuries, they have mastered making money by earning interest unscrupulously. Their usury is pernicious to the working class and creates a system of social hierarchy with rich and powerful people at the helm dictating and controlling the lives of the rest of humanity.

One invention that cemented their domination on banking and the financial ecosystem is the creation of a credit certificate after depositing gold and silver. The safekeeping model allowed travelers to transact without moving their gold and silver. Moreover, the credit certificates were more secure and convenient since they could be easily replaced or traced to the original owner in the event of theft.

In Germany, the ‘Bauers’ gained control of the financial system as the Rothschilds hijacked the English banking sector. At one point, Nathan Rothschild alluded that anyone who controlled the British money supply had the British Empire at their bidding and wielded more power than the king.

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Assuming Leadership Through Trickery

The Khazarian mafia had to infiltrate leadership circles in Europe to safeguard their wealth and take revenge on Russians who had broken their Khazarian khaganate and hoarded them out of their land.

They used different methods, such as staging popular uprisings that led to the assassination of the royal families. One of the most successful acts is the murder of the French royals in the 1700s. The heir of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Archduke Ferdinand, was also killed, which sparked the first world war.

The conniving members of the Khazarian mafia also infiltrated the Russian Bolsheviks leading to the assassination of the Czar family marking and to centuries of Russian royal lineage.

Over the years, the Rothschilds have expanded their sphere of influence and managed to get rid of leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, who were pro-peace and pro-people.

With such a widespread global outreach and with the control of the political and financial of leading global powers, the Khazarian Mafia has controlled the world for centuries using concealed tactics. Any expose of their evil reign has been quickly thwarted, so very little is known about this powerful syndicate of criminals.

Using Power and Influence to Advocate for Evil

With a monopoly of politics and finance, the Khazarian mafia had nothing else stopping them from enriching themselves further.

One example is the infamous opium trade in China. The Rothschilds took advantage of the Sino-British trade to purchase Turkish Opium and sell it in China. The ensuing addiction was severe and triggered the Boxer rebellion, leading to thousands of deaths.

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The second case was the financing of British colonies in the Americas, where the result was the extermination of native Indian tribes. The discovery of the new world gave rise to the demand for slaves. Once more, the Khazarian mafia through their Rothschilds proxies financed the slave trade that has scarred Africans to date and jeopardized effort to unite human beings.

Significant events such as the American revolution of 1812, the Bolshevik uprising, and the establishment of the state of Israel have been the results of the Khazarian Mafia agenda.

Espionage is the Khazarian Mafia’s Tool

On December 1, 2014, Veterans Today Director and Senior Editor Gordon Duff revealed during the Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism in Damascus, Syria, the Khazarian Mafia’s role in organized international terrorism. Duff also implicated the state of Israel to be working in cahoots with the mafia to propagate their ideology and agency worldwide through violence, bloodshed, and facilitating conflicts.

Duff alleges that the Russian Intel has evidence of 300 US lawmakers who provided the Khazarian Mafia with classified state secrets enabling it to be so successful in its mission of shaping a world order that is consistent with its agenda- of diminishing the influence of Abrahamic religions and establishing a new system of belief and ideology.

Some of the state agencies that have been infiltrated by the mafia include:

  • The US Federal Reserve System
  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Homeland Security
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • The Transportation Security Administration

Duff alleges that the greatest terrorist attack in the USA- the mafia staged the 9-11 to justify military excursions into the Middle East. The Murrah Building explosion of April 19, 1995, is also believed to be an act of domestic terrorism at the behest of the Khazarian Mafia.

The extensive network of apologists and spies enables the Khazarian mafia to get insights into what policy makers are planning, enabling them to influence and dictate global affairs. Unfortunately, their intention is not pure. It is self-serving, which is retrogressive to the world.

The Modern-Day Attempt to Create A New World Order

Throughout its history, the Khazarian mafia has been largely successful in fulfilling its wishes of exerting global influence and imposing servitude on global citizens.

In this decade, the mafia has become so entrenched in all spheres of life that it is almost unfathomable to evade their control. They are now teaching a new way of thinking which is demystified as ‘political correctness.

Discourses on education, healthcare, media, banking and finance, the military, politics, and other areas are the purview of the Khazarian mafia. This is manifested by demonstrating moral superiority that is intolerant to divergent views, especially in the Western World. The project to control what people believe to be right and wrong is the core agenda of the mafia.


The Khazarian mafia is a real underground organization that has influenced the history of the world to a large extent. The control of financial, political, educational, healthcare, and belief systems enables them to actualize their agenda of controlling the world. So far, their mission is on the course, and the world needs to wake up and stop the imposed servitude.




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