Facing Challenges? Need God? You’re a Child of a King! (Major Inspiration to Change Your Life) by Peter J. Daniels


It is an honor for me to introduce to you, Peter J Daniels on When Magazine Productions.

What makes him difference than other self proclaimed gurus? He’s a Man of God through & through , teaches great biblical wisdom. See most gurus are one of the other: historian, biblical, etc. Peter J Daniels tells his story of how he studied the dictionary from cover to cover and read over 2,000 books. Came from a poor family yet succeeded when he realized he was a child of a King.

God led this video into my life when “I partnered” with his very own bullion co. YOUnique a division of Anglo Far East. I have watched it time and time again and it has inspired me to not only lift my head up but pick my feet up, for I am a “Child of a King” …

Peter J Daniels, at 26 was a poor masonry brick layer. Now he owns millions upon billions. How did he do it? WITH GOD!


Click Here to View the Video on When Magazine Productions Online Website!

~ Biselliano ~ The truth powered by The Truth

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