Fake News CNN and Obama Implicated In Child Abuse Scandal Leaving One Boy Dead


CNN and Obama have possibly just been implicated in Child Abuse Scandal that left at least one boy dead and his “killers” out on bail …

BREAKING Obama’s Grandmother Breaks Silence: Barack Born In Kenya


For years there have been constant rumors about where Barack Obama was actually born, if not in America

Undeniable Biblical Proof We Are Living in the End Times

City in a blaze

Rather, it has to do with the state of humanity’s heart.

God Spiritually Transforms Transgender Man; Sets Purpose For His Life


He also leads For Such a Time Ministry. McCall knows firsthand how painful the bondage can be

Its A Sad Day In America When A Teacher Can’t Wear T-Shirt With Words ‘Just Pray’


A Mobile County Public Schools teacher in Alabama was sent home by her school principal to change after she arrived wearing a t-shirt