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TRENDING: Joy Villa Makes Political Statement About Abortion At 2018 Grammys


When she stepped on the red carpet for the 60th annual music awards show, Villa was wearing a white gown with a hand-painted

Combat Flip Flop

Anti-Porn Bills Advance In 3 States But America Still Failed To Ban Porn

August Ames Dies at 23

A bill labeling pornography a “public health crisis” that is both “biologically addictive” and the root of a slew of criminal behaviors

AMAZING: This Sheriff Approves of Weed After Smoking It First Time

Screenshot - 1_25_2018 , 6_49_09 AM sheriff weed

Watch this video! This Sheriff changes his stance on weed after smoking a joint for the very first time. LOL!

President Trump’s Pro-Life Wins & Upcoming Address To March For Life


It’s official! Moments ago, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that President Trump will

Lamestream Media Stunned By President Trump’s Recent Medical Report


Many of President Donald Trump’s opponents claim he is unhealthy. But the official White House doctor

BREAKING: Chelsea Manning To Be First Transgender To Run For Congress

Chelsea Manning to write for Guardian newspaper

Just one year ago, Chelsea Manning, the infamous transgender Army private, was sitting in a maximum security prison

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