Starbucks Now Giving Away Free Coffee With Promo Code: Racism |


Now, merely saying you heard Starbucks was racist can get you free coffee and perhaps even a free covfefe.

Trump: NFL Anthem Protesters ‘Maybe Shouldn’t Be in Country’ – Must Stand For Anthem


Last year, Trump described players who went down on one knee during the anthem as “sons of bitches”…

The Truth About Gun Confiscation – Ban Alcohol? Ban Knives? Ban Cars? (EDITORIAL)


so by that reasoning, also alcohol kills far more people than do guns, also then, knives kill, archery kills, cars kill

Every US Citizen Needs To Watch This Now: Trump Gives Credit to Jesus & Prayer

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Joshua Nink

VIDEO – President Donald Trump talking about salvation through Jesus Christ.

SICK AND TWISTED Child Rapists: Child Body Found DEAD After LE Stand Down Tucson AR


(Video) Developing Story .. STAY TUNED FOR MORE! This is a HUGE breakthrough for the Pizzagate Red PIllers!