Baby Abuser Gets Violently Assaulted In “Stabside” Prison


A notorious baby torturer in the United Kingdom was held hostage in his cell for four hours and beaten by other inmates

Lewis Arthur and (VOP) Veterans on Patrol Go Legit & Launch New Website


Lewis announced this morning that (VOP) Veterans on Patrol are starting to be seen more legitimately by government agencies so they have launched

Ohio Governor John Kasich Says McCain Was PUT To Death … Is It True?

mccain AP Photo - J. Scott Applewhite

Just 2 days from McCain’s so-called “funeral” … Ohio Governor John Kasich made a slip and stated McCain had been “PUT TO DEATH”

BREAKING: Could This Be The End of Nike? … or The Beginning?


Internet Strikes Back Against Failed Nike ‘Just Do It’ Campaign
Shoe company loses billions in market cap … Read more ..

LIVE BREAKING: Reports Multiple Passengers Arriving to JFK Airport Have Some Sort of Sickness


LIVE BREAKING: Emergency personnel are responding to reports of sick passengers aboard an Emirates flight arriving at JFK Airport