Hurricane Matthew Is Master Plan To Get Hillary Into Office


Clinton is losing support in the state of Florida. We also know that HAARP is available to manipulate the weather

During Inequality Speech Hillary Clinton Wears $12K Luxury Jacket; Was It Worthy to Note?


Sam Dorman MRC NewsBusters said, “While the media didn’t cover Clinton’s out-of-touch choice of dress, it did report on Muhammad Ali”

Go Inside The Clinton Foundation: Political Advisor to The Clintons Spills His Beans about Bribery


According to Dick Morris, Chief Political Advisor for Bill Clinton that gives the insider story, Hillary wasn’t always that corrupt.

Obama’s Immigration Plan Stopped In Its Tracks; Must Not Elect Hillary


NY Times Daily News reports that “over 4 million or worried of deportation”. What EA Media have to say is “GOOD!!!”

Russia Preparing For Nuclear Attack, World War III On The Horizon


Vladimir Putin has ordered every city in Russia to take part in an urgent civil defense drill starting today. 40 million people

BREAKING: MORE Hacked Clinton Docs Actually Labeled, “Pay For Play”


Documents reportedly hacked from the Clinton Foundation servers have identified major Democratic donors and troubling ties

RNC Accident Post? Declares Pence Clear Debate Winner Before It Starts

rnc clear winner

The consensus was clear after the dust settled, Mike Pence was the clear winner of the debate,” read the post on