EXCLUSIVE: Proud Boys Save Man From Suicide & Give Him Hope


Proud Boys Save Man From Suicide & Give Him Hope

“There’s a code of silence surrounding Proud Boys” but “I’m breaking Omerta”

by Anonymous Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media

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I’m breaking Omerta. There’s a code of silence surrounding Proud Boys, for good reason. People paint us as terrorists, right wing Idealogues, and far worse. Some would even say that we’re Satan’s henchmen. My recent experience as a Proud Boy has been everything but the aforementioned. These guys, my brothers… I’ve only known love. The charity work Proud Boys does for our communities, that means something to each and every one of us. It’s not an easy thing to build a community when Antifa and BLM are dead set on burning them down. Somebody has to do it, there’s a definitive need. And who steps up? The best men’s fraternity that this world has ever known.

We all face dark times at certain points in our lives. For me, the last four years have been complete Hell, visited upon my Earth. Things just seemed to get darker, and darker still. There seemed to be no end to what i saw as suffering. It wasn’t long ago, that i reflecting on how odd gun bluing tasted. I was at that point. My own family didn’t even know. But my brothers, my Proud Boys, they knew. At a time when i felt like i had nobody to reach out to, they knew. And, they saved me from taking a coward’s way out of this life. It says a lot, when a brother is willing to drive and just sit and talk. I needed to be talked down, at that point in my life. Those words weren’t pretty, but they were honest. My brothers knew that,that was exactly what i needed, whether i wanted it or not.

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Proud Boys are about helping men become better men. I don’t think i would be here to write this, if it weren’t for them. They’re likely the best organization in this world. I have to reflect on where my little kids’ lives would be, if it weren’t for them. They’re a hard truth that i face every day. Being a Proud Boy certainly isn’t easy. We’re often called upon to give, even when we feel that we can’t.

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Apathy is so easy nowadays. The world is full of it. It’s extremely difficult to find the love and understanding that i see every day in my brothers. That’s not an easy thing. Proud Boys were able to take this lost soul, and begin to forge it into a true man, capable of conquering this entire world for Western civilization. I simply could not be more grateful.

When I first became involved, I had thought that my life simply couldn’t get any worse. It’s funny how quickly things change. I was fully willing to charge Antifa and let them kill me, never realizing that the media wouldn’t have covered it. I would have died in vain, as a random nobody, just another statistic. Proud Boys were able to turn me around, show Me a better way. We all have dreams. Life had convinced me that all of mine were dead. My brothers, somehow, were able to lift me up, and make me realize that I can still do a lot of good in this world. I still have so much to offer. When I thought that the only thing I could give was my life, they showed me that my life is all I have to give. And I do that best by living. I’ve learned to live by giving. When I felt like I was at the end of my rope, so to speak, Proud Boys taught me that I had the power to give endlessly, and not deplete myself further.

I’ve had a rough relationship with what I consider “God” to be. I never thought that I would ever find my way back to those arms. I’ve been baptized almost as many times as Ragnar Lothbrock, and laughed as much as he did. I was a sworn heathen. But my brothers, they brought me around. They brought me back to God, and back to myself. I’m still figuring out how those two things seem to go hand in hand. If it weren’t for Proud Boys, I wouldn’t even know. I wouldn’t have realized my own potential. I would have no chance of saving my family, or this world, if it would just pay attention.

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You are free to think whatever you will about Proud Boys. You’re entitled to your opinion. I could not be more grateful for my brothers. Through them, I’ve been saved. They’ve taught me that I have it within me to make this world a better place.

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