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Followup – Part TWO – On Patriot Soup: VOP – Hunting Pedovores (In Tucson, AR)

by Will Youngblood | Eternal Affairs Media

carefully edited by Curtis R Bizelli | Watchman of End Times | Eternal Affairs Media

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Welcome back to the next installment of what is turning out to be the biggest story I’ve ever investigated.

>>> Here’s PART ONE! <<<


On June 3rd, 2018 a 4chan post by Tucson Anon (presumed to be our friend Lewis Arthur) surfaced as an update to the child trafficking ring located at I-19 and Valencia.

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In his post he makes a call out to ALL ANONS to re-post any and all documentation, videos, articles, anything about the truth of what is being discovered on any social media networks that you happen to be a part of, using the hash tags … #OperationBackyardBrawl and #WhereAreTheChildren !!!


In the post he states they uncovered a mountain of evidence including hair in combs, kids toys in boxes with condoms, and what they believe to be burial sites.


They say they had to stop digging because the smell had gotten so fowl. They have provided full ongoing videography of events and much more.


The Sheriff’s Dept. as well as the Federal Officials that Veterans on Patrol (VOP) and Lewis Arthur initially contacted did in fact conduct a brief investigation however along with Craig “The Sawman” Sawyer … appear to have strayed away from the original “Child Sex Camp” story; now stating that it was just a “homeless camp”. The police officers themselves want to help but have been ordered to stand down.


They are repairing the border fences and have successfully occupied the entire area on the “US side” which is owned by The CEMEX corporation. They were told by The Sheriff that they had til the following Monday to be off the property, however they resisted and did not comply. The government stood down…!


The local media outlet KGUN 9, has been portraying the VOP as a conspiracy theory even though hundreds of local citizens and citizens from other states have come out to lend support and investigate for themselves. (Editor’s Note: Something I noticed when reviewing KGUN 9’s report of the “homeless camp” … VOP IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED. Working in Media & PR for nearly two-decades I know that those who tell the truth are the ones who OFTEN DO NOT RECEIVE PUBLICITY! Did “Sawman” workout a deal to get publicity for his documentary?)


The post states that they were even approached and threatened by a Cartel member who threatened them to leave until finding out several armed militia members were occupying the perimeter and the internal grounds of the complex.  He left on horseback to the Mexican side of the border.


… Wait what? This guy was able to cross from one side of the border to the other with no check point or authorizations?


A Human cadaver (skull) was found about 20 miles from the initial site, yet still the government officials will not step in and are not actively fighting for the children. The Police claim it was an “adult male’s skull”, but everybody else that has seen the skull says it was clearly from a CHILD!



They have put out a call and a few have answered; to bring in privately owned cadaver dogs to investigate the area.


The media and web searches all say “conspiracy theorists” without stating the evidence presented. I have Google searched for any “reliable” mainstream outlet to report on this in a non-biased manner; … I cannot find one. They are all reading from the same script. Imagine that?


Why do you think that is? Seems very strange that the state, federal, and news outlets would be “Black-Balling” this topic when you get non-stop coverage of any and all false flag events.


I’m not going to waste your time or intelligence by rehashing the fact we all know the Clinton’s and their foundation are a major “runner” of Child Trafficking; check the Podesta/Hillary Clinton emails provided by WIKILEAKS for reference.


The DOJ is investigating whether or not they violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in building a plant in Columbia.


This makes me quite curious as to what plant this concrete company built in which would warrant such attention by international alphabet organizations?!


If the DOJ is involved they are not the only ones interested in the investigation mark my words!!!


Surprisingly enough, even though being the second largest concrete franchise in the world, they turned down President Trump’s Border Wall Contract…Very Strange!


So, if you put the pieces together despite the enormous profit as well as the contracts; in any business model, they would have jumped for joy but in fact turned down the project for one reason; … The amount of illegal activity they have going through our borders trumps the money they would have received by building Trump’s wall.


Furthermore, the border wall would cut off their supply lines, the free access to the American side, the people they need here, and the people they need to be able to move product back & forth.


Remember VOP was threatened by men on horseback.


I Hope all Truthers, Patriots, ANONS, and general good people keep checking back in and sending these out as much as you can!!!


Until Next time as always God Bless!!!

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